DANCING SHOES <span> videos winning a signed pair of Keds </span>

Dear fans, I feel great that you have uploaded all these videos. Thank you for dancing and being creative, funny and beautiful. Yeah, beautiful is the word. Watch the four winning videos below. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones, send an e-mail to misa@charliestraight.com and Míša will arrange everything. Å









And there were more really beautiful videos we were sent. Thank you so much. ♥ I watched them all and now you can watch them too. If you want to get a free set of our BUBBLE-GUM TATOOS and if you made one of the videos below, send an e-mail to misa@charliestraight.com and she’ll get in touch with you.

Please bear in mind the order of the videos doesn’t mean we liked them gradually in this order. Thank you, all.

http://youtu.be/to52SWxbR9A (Sadly, embed wasn’t possible.)





♥ We love you, Albert