We’ve got three nomination for Czech Grammies (Anděl 2013) if I may call them that. We were officially voted as The Band of the Year on Óčko TV and were nominated for the Apollo Award (Czech Mercury Prize in a way). I’m happy about all that. Especially because of the exposure and more shows we’ll get to play that way. [...]

Many people I know and many people I don’t know wished me happy birthday at the right time (only I claim to have written this on Feb 19th while it’s early March already – technology does it). I just wanna thank you guys for the wishes. The tasty side of being in a band is the fact that you occasionally [...]

I know the picture above doesn’t look great – it’s because it’s white, sorry. We are soooo happy to be playing at The Great Escape in Brighton this year! We are now confirmed on their website: http://mamacolive.com/thegreatescape/artist?id=12068 and I wanna say a big thanks to Folkgeek for making Someone With A Slow Heartbeat their track of the day. Soon, there [...]