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What are the odds that you start a band like Charlie Straight with someone who listens to Beck at the age of sixteen when everyone at your school keeps playing Nothing Else Matters? In a provincial Czech town literally run by a bizarre steelworks it takes some luck. Singer Albert Cerny excitedly explains the band’s formation, main influences and everlasting dreams.

“There is a corner of a foreign field that remains forever Camden Market circa 1994. Singing in what appears to be an imaginary English regional accent, the Czech Republic’s Charlie Straight make the kind of joyful, harmony-driven Britpop Britain itself has forgotten how to master.” -The Guardian, May 2012 (read article)

♥ Completely indie, no label contracts signed
♥ Played first UK gigs in July 2012
♥ Supported Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Prague, CZ in August 2012

When Johnny Cienciala (bass) heard a skinny boy singing The Scientist by Coldplay at a school assembly, little did he know that they will become the driving force of a band grabbing the attention of labels and producers soon after they’d spent a week recording demos in Johnny’s tiny bedroom.

In 2005 Albert came back from England where he’d spent the summer learning English and soaking up music – he was excited. In a room with the view of The Channel he’d written his first songs and played them to Pavel Pilch, his drum teacher, when he was back in town.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon in 2006, singing in an unusually British accent echoed down the quiet corridors of the local music school. There were also these unbelievable jazz piano solos soon to be dismissed by the band as a little too much. With Glastonbury on his mind, Albert needed to find a keyboard player and his talented elementary school friend Michal Supak was perfect for the job.

After a few rehearsals, Johnny recorded and mixed first demos and put them on Bandzone.cz (Czech Bandcamp run by Michal Novak) which secured the first recording deal (soundcloud).

The resulting debut album She’s a Good Swimmer (2009) produced by Michal Novak got three Czech Grammies (Anděl). With this in hand, Charlie Straight went to play their first gigs abroad building up a decent fan-base in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg and Munich).

The music video for School Beauty Queen was shot in New York City in April 2011 and was directed by Yemi AD who has been working with Kanye West and Polica.

In 2011, the band teamed up with the London-based producer Guy Fixsen (Laika, My Bloody Valentine) to work on their second album Someone With a Slow Heartbeat (2012) – listen. Shortly afterwards, Charlie Straight played their first three gigs in the UK during the Olympics. In August, they supported Red Hot Chili Peppers in Prague.


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